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    September 19, 2023 5 min read

    If you’re trying to figure out the best flask to buy as a gift, you need to ask yourself a few questions first. You need to think about whom you want to give the flask to. Consider how they might want to use it, where they plan to take it, and everything in between. Once you discover those answers, you can find the perfect flask that’s as unique and special as the person you’re buying it for.

    When it comes to giving flasks as a gift to someone, you have a lot to think about—from size and material to adding a special touch to their swag—this post walks you through how carrying a flask can be the best way to save money while adding to your personal style.

    best flask to buy

    How a Flask Makes the Perfect Gift

    Carrying a flask for alcohol serves various purposes, and people have different reasons for wanting to keep their beverages nearby. To narrow down which type might make the best flask to buy as a gift, you have to consider why they might want to carry a flask. So determine whether any or many of these reasons apply to them and why they choose to carry a flask:

    • Convenience: Carrying a flask allows you to have your alcoholic beverage of choice readily available when you’re away from home. This can be especially useful in situations where alcohol might not be readily accessible or where the selection of beverages is limited.
    • Cost Savings: Buying alcohol at venues like concerts, sporting events, or festivals can be expensive, and that may be for the cheap stuff. Carrying a flask with your own alcohol can help you save money by avoiding high prices for drinks, especially those of lower quality.
    • Preference:If you invest in premium alcohol, nothing is more of a buzzkill than having to imbibe in low-quality spirits. Most people have specific preferences for certain brands as well as types of alcohol—you may just be a bourbon girl and that’s that. However, your drink of choice might not be available at all establishments. So carrying a flask ensures you can enjoy exactly what you like.
    • Control: You know how much you want, but the bartender is going to carefully pour whatever amount their establishment deems proper into your glass—which means it’s likely not enough. But when you carry a flask, you can control exactly how much you throw back and when.
    • Special occasions: Flasks are often used to celebrate special occasions discreetly. Whether it's to toast to a wedding, birthday, or another event, having a flask can make the moment more personal. What’s more, having a flask on hand allows you to celebrate spontaneously, especially when there’s no venue nearby. Whether you’ve just reached the top of your climb or are watching the sunset by the lake, you can enjoy the moment organically without planning ahead or searching for a bar.
    • Privacy and discretion: A flask offers a way to drink more privately. Sometimes you just want to be private with your choices or you simply don’t want to offend others. Having a flask can be a subtle way to get a casual drink when and where you like without making an event out of it.
    • Style: Flasks come in various shapes, sizes, and materials, and some people enjoy the aesthetic aspect of carrying a personalized or stylish flask.

    You’ve probably discovered several reasons why someone might enjoy carrying a flask. So the next section helps you focus on the best flask to buy.

    best flask to buy

    How a Modern Glass Flask Makes the Best Gift

    The material that a flask is made from is an important consideration when getting someone a flask as a gift. You want to get the kind of material so that they have a flask that lasts and one that keeps their spirits tasting exactly as they should.

    Two popular materials are stainless steel and glass. Although we may be biased, we know stainless steel can be an issue for several reasons:

    • Taste retention: Stainless steel can sometimes impart a slight metallic taste to beverages, especially if they're stored for an extended period. This won’t work, especially because taste purity is so important.
    • Limited transparency: Stainless steel flasks are not transparent, so you can't easily see the contents. This can be a drawback if you like to keep track of how much is left or if you want to showcase the beverage you're carrying.
    • Weight: Glass is heavier than stainless steel flasks since they are thick, which is a concern if you're looking for a lightweight and portable option.
    • Breakage risk: Stainless steel can still dent or scratch with impact. If you're concerned about damage, especially during outdoor activities, you should consider a more impact-resistant material.
    • Variety in design: Stainless steel flasks might have fewer design options compared to glass flasks, which can come in various shapes, colors, and decorative patterns.
    • Heat conductivity: Stainless steel can conduct heat, so the exterior of a flask containing hot liquids might become hot to the touch, potentially causing discomfort. At the same time, if you take a stainless steel flask out in the heat, it could warm the beverage inside, changing its taste.

    If you're looking for taste purity, visibility of contents, and a more visually appealing option, glass flasks make the best option for the following reasons:

    • Keeps contents tasting great. Glass is odor and taste inert, meaning it does not absorb or interact with the flavors or aromas of the beverages stored inside. This makes it a great choice for carrying a variety of drinks without any residual flavors.
    • Maintains the high quality of the stored beverage. Glass is chemically non-reactive, so it will not react with the contents of your drink or leach any harmful substances into it. This means that you can use glass to store your beverages without affecting their quality.
    • You can see through glass (yes, we know that’s obvious, but it’s worth pointing out.) Glass flasks are transparent, so you can see the contents inside. This can be helpful for identifying the beverage, checking its level, or ensuring that it is still safe to drink.
    • You can find break-resistant glass flasks.If you’re looking for durability, check out the modern glass flasks from Ragproper. Even without the beautiful and stylish silicone or leather sleeves, their flasks have proven capable of withstanding everyday challenges to keep your flask looking beautiful and your spirits safe.
    • You get a classic, curated look. Glass is a timeless and sophisticated material that creates a luxurious impression. It conveys that you are discerning and care about the details, even when it comes to carrying your liquor.

    If you want a gift as unique and resilient as the person you’re buying it for, the best flask to buy can be found at Ragproper. Simply choose between high-end leather or silicone sleeves and select the size, and you’ll have the perfect gift to make sure someone knows how much you care.