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    We don't pretend that we're the first to come up with the idea of using glass to store our precious libations on-the-go. Glass flasks were actually the most commonly used material after mankind moved passed storing fermented/distilled beverages in animal skins, and before metal work became so common place they started making flasks from it. After a terrible experience drinking forgotten whiskey from a metal flask we scoured the internet in search of a glass flask, and could only find these relics from the golden age of flasks. Hence, we began our quest to design the modern glass flask and bring quality drink-ware to those who love their precious spirits. Ragproper the name was formally used in old western slang meaning dress well, aka (gentleman). Although not used today, we thought we would bring back the old lingo.

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    I like it a lot . Will gift the big one to a close friend , the small is for me . Nice

    I like it a lot, will gift the big one to a childhood friend ,
    the small one is for me . Nice .

    Perfect size

    This flask is there perfect size to keep in my inner jacket pocket. I don't have to worry about as much liquid noise compared to a stainless steel flask!

    Good quality, great presentation

    Glass is much better for scotch. This flask will fit perfectly in my golf bag.

    Best flask I've ever purchased

    The flask itself is a nice size, I was skeptic of the sizes but "The Double" gives me three hefty pours and the silicon cover gives me the control I want without becoming bulky.


    Wow! What a cool design they are perfect. I purchased one for myself and three more for presents. with different colors of silicone for each person.


    This was a replacement purchase for the one I knocked over but this product is wonderful. It’s a great conversation piece with friends and you can share whiskey without bringing a bottle or tainting the rest with metal flasks. I would recommend this to anyone who loves their liquor unaltered.

    Great product and great customer service

    These flasks are beautiful and feel great in your hand. They are well made and the accessories they come with (funnel, extra caps) are an excellent feature. The company itslef is top notch with great customer service.

    Flask Review

    Nice product. Well built.

    Absolutely TERRIBLE delivery

    I ordered the flask set on 12/28 for my brother's birthday, which was 1/10/24. It arrived on 1/10/24, too late to send to him for his birthday. Just horrendous shipping procedures.

    My black extra gift….

    Really nice, and extra one, for a little more pleasure….>

    Military green set….

    Wow, really nice set….can’t wait to use them for my favorite liquor.

    Dark & tan leather flask

    I got this as a gift for my dad. Came just in time for Christmas and is his favorite thing ive gotten him. Definitely worth every cent.

    Gave it as a Christmas Gift and it was well received.

    Amazing flask

    This a beautiful flask. Also extremely durable. Love that it comes in 2 sizes too.

    Great little kit - Got both sizes in dark brown leather

    Very nice flasks. The larger size isn't going to fit in a jacket pocket or back-of-pants pocket. The smaller size fits perfectly in the back pocket of a pair of jeans, and holds ~10oz of your favorite spirits, which should be plenty to get you through!

    Christmas present

    I gave this flask to my son in law as a Christmas present. He really loved the gift.

    Great flask…..

    Awesome flask, love the quality and volume, it’s just what I needed…..but sill waiting on my extra free black silicone flask not added to my original order….hopefully I’ll receive it soon ?

    Very nice

    Amazing craftsmanship
    High quality
    I branded the leather with initials turned out very nice

    Excellent Flask

    Best Whiskey flask in the world

    No more metallic taste!

    I’ve always used a stainless steel flask, but I got tired of the metallic taste so I started looking for a quality glass flask. RAGPROPER delivers! I tried a cheaper glass flask from Amazon and I was sorely disappointed. Some of the glass from the threading chipped off in my mouth and the leather was not good quality. The RAGPROPER flask is a heavy, thick glass and the leather looks great. I will be purchasing more as gifts for friends. I should note that I had to replace the cork seals in the cap with the silicone one because the cork one was leaking a bit.


    One of the flasks had a chip in glass, informed ragproper they are sending replacement no hassles or surprises. Nice product looking forward to many occasions with them.

    Love the 200ml size, it's perfect for tailgating or pre-gaming an event. The silicone wrap is so unique and adds a sleek design to an already amazing product.

    Awesome product. High quality. The leather wrap adds such a cool design and the window for accurate pouring is an exceptional feature!

    Great flask Slow shipping

    Flasks comes in a beautiful box and immediately on using them you realize how nice and premium they are. My biggest complaint is there shipping is snail slow. In the description for shipping it says carbon neutral shipping which is in better words slow as **** shipping. There’s no reason now a days anything should take over a week to get to you.