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    Black Silicone Glass Flask (Double Shot 240mL)

    Double Shot

    ELEVATE YOUR DRINKING EXPERIENCE: Indulge in sophistication with the Ragproper Glass Liquor Flask. This elegant 240 ml glass bottle is wrapped in a sleek black silicone sleeve, providing an exceptional grip and tactile sensation. The versatile and removable soft-touch silicone cover is easy to clean, ensuring your flask stays in top-notch condition. Perfect for carrying rum, whisky, gin, vodka, tequila, scotch, or your favorite spirit, the Ragproper Flask invites you to savor luxury and functionality combined.

    COMPLETE SET FOR A PERFECT POUR: The Glass Liquor Flask package offers an all-inclusive experience, designed with both durability and convenience in mind. Crafted from break-resistant glass, this flask ensures a metal-free and long-lasting solution for your beverage needs. The set includes 1 gunmetal lid and 1 plastic cork-lined lid, along with 2 additional silicone lid liners to guarantee a leak-proof seal. Additionally, the package features a custom-designed smooth-pour funnel, expertly designed to minimize bubbles in your drink of choice. Invest in the Glass Liquor Flask set for a truly seamless and enjoyable experience.

    PORTABLE & SECURE LEAKPROOF FLASK: Experience convenience and peace of mind with the Ragproper Glass Liquor Flask, expertly designed to fit comfortably in your hand. This compact and user-friendly flask makes it a breeze to transport your cherished spirits without the stress of spills or leaks. Plus, the innovative easy-pour window incorporated into the sleeve allows you to effortlessly keep track of your flask's contents. Choose the Ragproper Glass Liquor Flask for a reliable and enjoyable on-the-go experience.

    MULTI-PURPOSE GLASS LIQUOR FLASK: Embrace style and durability with the Ragproper Glass Liquor Flask, a versatile companion for any event. Perfect for hiking adventures, camping excursions, fishing trips, or concert outings, this sleek flask, complete with a protective silicone sleeve, adapts to a variety of activities and lifestyles. Constructed from break-resistant glass, the flask is designed to withstand minor drops and mishaps, ensuring your favorite spirits remain safe and secure.

    REDISCOVER RAGPROPER: Harkening back to old western slang, "Ragproper" captures the spirit of 'dressing well' and the essence of a true 'gentleman.' Our adventure commenced after a lamentable experience with whiskey stored in a metal flask. This spurred us to scour the internet for a more refined option, only to unearth glass flasks reminiscent of a time long past. Undaunted, we set out on a quest to craft the modern glass flask, committed to delivering top-notch drinkware for aficionados who appreciate their fine spirits. Revel in the Ragproper experience and elevate your libation indulgences.

    PATENTED DESIGN: Our flasks are truly original and patented, as we have created a unique glass product that is not available elsewhere.


    • 240mL Break Resistant Glass Flask
    • Soft Touch Silicone Sleeve 
    • 1 Plastic Cork-lined Lid
    • 1 Metal Cork-lined Lid
    • 1 Smooth Pour Funnel
    • Silicone lid liners (replacement for cork lid liners)


    *The silicone sleeve is removable and hand-washable.

    *VAT not included.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    Nick Rider

    Love the 200ml size, it's perfect for tailgating or pre-gaming an event. The silicone wrap is so unique and adds a sleek design to an already amazing product.

    Nicky Harris


    Iowa Joe
    Easy, can use PayPal, nice product at a fair price

    Love the glass flask and protective silicone jacket. Metal flasks have many flaws and this addresses all of them.

    My overall experience was excellent.

    Exactly as pictured.

    Joe Mullen

    Stylish flask