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    Dark & Tan Leather Glass Flask (Double Shot 240mL)

    Redefining the Sip: Discover the Ragproper Modern Glass Hip Flask


    Sophisticated Sipping: Immerse yourself in luxury with Ragproper's Modern Glass Hip Flask. This 240 ml Double Shot flask, draped in striking Dark & Tan full-grain leather, not only provides an excellent grip but makes a true style statement. Whether it's whiskey, rum, or another cherished spirit, here elegance meets pure functionality.

    All-in-One Pouring Experience: Crafted from durable, break-resistant glass, this flask assures a pristine, metal-free taste. Featuring a gunmetal lid, a plastic cork-lined cap, and silicone liners, it ensures no precious drop is wasted. Additionally, the thoughtfully designed funnel ensures each pour is a smooth affair.

    Compact, No-Spill Design: The Ragproper Flask, precisely tailored to fit comfortably in your hand, is the trusty guardian of your spirits during travel. Its clever easy-pour window, nestled within the leather, makes checking your liquid levels a breeze.

    Your Versatile Companion: Whether you're embarking on a rugged hike, enjoying a tranquil fishing session, or dancing away at a concert, this flask, shielded by its robust full-grain leather, is your reliable sidekick. Built to adapt to various lifestyles, its reinforced glass design stands the test of time.

    The Ragproper Legacy: Channeling the age-old ethos of "dress well", "Ragproper" is more than a brand—it's a commitment. Our journey began with the desire to elevate the drinking experience, leading to the revival of the iconic glass flask, but with a modern twist.

    A Touch of Exclusivity: Our patented designs are a class apart, offering a unique glass drinking encounter.

    What’s Inside?

    • 240 mL Break Resistant Glass Flask encased in Dark & Tan Full-Grain Leather
    • 1 Gunmetal Cork-lined Lid
    • 1 Sneaky Plastic Cork-lined Lid
    • 1 Precision Smooth Pour Funnel
    • 2 Silicone lid liners (serving as cork lid liner replacements)

    The attached leather sleeve, while fixed, can be simply cleaned with a damp cloth.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Randall H.

    Very nice flask. Holds about 3 small glasses of the liqueur of choice. The lid can be tricky to **** on when the sealing inserts are in place. Also, quite a bit heavier than I thought, but prefer that to it being too fragile. This is the first flask I've seen where you can see how full/empty it is, which is a nice touch. Very pleased with the purchase.

    Chris Jones

    looks great, already had several compliments on it. It will much better than the stainless steel flasks I have. If I forget and leve some whisky in the metal ones it goes bad quickly, this glass one will hold the whisky without issues.

    Christopher Melendy
    great product

    received just as expected.

    Derek English
    Great product.

    I have read many reviews that knock the need for a flask. Well I am here to tell you that a true gentleman ensures libations for endeavors through preparation and style. This is a quality piece with years of service ahead. Don't sweat it being made of glass or that carrying an open container will be an issue in your daily adventures. Take care of it and don't abuse the responsibility of having a tag along friend for your adventures ahead. The leather bound flask is beautifully made and the accompanying accessories make this a great gift or addition to any man's lifestyle.

    Brett Wesley
    Great product, a little pricey, but very high quality

    Modern flask, and thick glass, seems very high quality
    Great looking too.