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    Gray & Brown Leather Glass Flask (Single Shot 100mL)

    Sophisticated Sipping: Dive deep into luxury with Ragproper's Modern Glass Hip Flask. This 100 ml Single Shot flask, cloaked in eye-catching Grey & Brown full-grain leather, not only ensures a firm grip but is the epitome of class. Be it whiskey, rum, or another favorite spirit, here style seamlessly marries functionality.

    All-in-One Pouring Experience: Molded from resilient, shatter-resistant glass, this flask guarantees a pure, untainted taste devoid of metal. Accompanied by a stainless steel lid, a plastic cork-lined cap, and silicone liners, every drop is safeguarded. The meticulously crafted funnel also assures that every pour is effortlessly smooth.

    Compact, No-Spill Design: The Ragproper Flask, designed to nestle perfectly in your palm, promises to be the vigilant keeper of your spirits on every journey. Its ingenious easy-pour window, integrated within the leather, facilitates a swift check of your flask's fill.

    Your Versatile Companion: Whether you're navigating a challenging trail, settling in for a peaceful fishing endeavor, or grooving at a live gig, this flask, fortified by its sturdy full-grain leather, stands by you. Crafted to cater to diverse settings, its robust glass architecture promises longevity.

    The Ragproper Legacy: Embodying the timeless value of "dress well", "Ragproper" isn't just a name—it's a pledge. Our expedition was ignited by an aspiration to refine the beverage experience, culminating in the rebirth of the quintessential glass flask, albeit with a contemporary flair.

    A Touch of Exclusivity: Our trailblazing designs stand unrivaled, curating a distinctive glass imbibing experience.

    What’s Inside?

    • 100mL Break Resistant Glass Flask sheathed in Grey & Brown Full-Grain Leather
    • 1 Stainless Steel Cork-lined Lid
    • 1 Stealthy Plastic Cork-lined Lid
    • 1 Expertly Designed Pour Funnel
    • 2 Silicone lid liners (functioning as cork lid liner replacements)

    The affixed leather sheath, while permanent, is easily spruced up with a moist cloth.

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